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Top to Bottom one of the best experiences I’ve had since going to a chiropractor. Dr. Reid was very thorough in his exam and explained how my limited mobility in my ankles was attributing to my low back pain while squatting. Since coming in I’ve seen drastic improvement in my low back. I couldn’t recommend this office highly enough. -JC

"Lane was knowledgeable and friendly. I went in with low back pain, I couldn’t put my socks on or get in and out of vehicles. He showed me what was wrong, why it was wrong and gave me several options for strengthening and prevention as well. I left his office feeling like I can breathe and for that I am grateful. Thanks Lane!"  -NB

"Dr. Sawatzke was knowledgeable and thorough in helping my son after a sports injury. We were able to get seen very quickly and could tell he had made a difference right after treatment. Great care and service, thank you Dr. Sawatzke!"  -JS

"I was very impressed with Dr Lane’s knowledge and bedside manner. I came in with hip pain and discovered it was actually a lower back issue. Painless adjustment and some recommended exercises and I am feeling better already! He also worked on my stiff neck and shoulders. I highly recommend him!!"  -JE

"Honest, and effective chiropractor. He will work with you to find out the root cause of your pain, and ways to help yourself outside of the office as well! Thank you Dr. Lane! - A new lifetime patient."  -JK

"Dr. Reid was great!! He took the time to understand and explained everything in detail. He has an amazing ability to combine expert knowledge and skills with kindness and understanding unparalleled by any other healthcare provider."   -MD

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