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Headaches - Why do I get them, and how do I get rid of them?

Headaches can be very frustrating and very debilitating. There are many types of headaches and a variety of causes to these headaches. Some of the most common headaches we see are the following:

- Tension Headaches (bandlike dull/throbbing pain across forehead and temporal region)

- Cervicogenic Headaches (tension from tight upper traps/shoulders/suboccipital muscles that refers into the head and neck)

- Cluster Headache (pain behind one eye in temporal region)

- Migraines (Often unilateral pain, sometimes associated with flashing lights)

- TMJ Referrals (tight orofacial musculature)

What causes these headaches?

Some of the most common musculoskeletal factors are:

1. Improper respiration

2. Tight neck/suboccipital muscles

3. Trigger point referrals from orofacial muscles

Common internal Causes:

1. Food allergies (inflammatory diets)

2. Thyroid Disorders

3. Hormonal issues

How do we treat headaches?

The musculoskeletal factors listed above are right in our wheelhouse, and we see amazing changes with treatments in-office when the headaches are caused by these factors. Often headaches are a result of tension around the head and neck area; we find the tight muscles, restricted joints, and trigger points that are causing this tension and address those things with treatments such as: manual adjustments, acupuncture/dry needling, fascial manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and many other treatment options to fix the tone of the tissues in the region. If the cause of the headache is from internal reasons, we will help get you the care you need from collaborating with other health care professionals that specialize in some of the internal issues mentioned above.

*Helpful tip: Try decreasing the tone in your orofacial system by implementing the resting position of the jaw throughout the day. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, teeth apart, and lips together. This is the most ideal resting position for the muscles around your face.

If you have a friend struggling with headaches, send them this and point them our way! It is often easier than it seems to improve these frustrating headaches with proper assessment!

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